Daddy’s Home Special School


We, at DADDY’S HOME, have in our capacity for over two decades tried to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. Today, we feel driven to do the same in the space of geriatric care.

Our vision is to sustain the state-of-the-art Home of Joy for the Elderly, with access to facilities that take care of every person’s needs – a home away from home, that provides love, comfort, and care. The Home is looked after by the Cottolengo Sisters.

Besides the main residential floor for physically and mentally fit men and women over 65, there is also a section reserved for the aging seniors of Daddy’s Home Special School and for the needy.

In the lonely existence that old age could become, a mental handicap may leave our dearest ones helpless to care for even their most basic existential needs such as sanitation, nutritious food, and access to healthcare.

While the income generated from the paying residents will hopefully in the future take care of the day to day functioning of the Home, there is a shortfall in the present outlay for which your donation will be a much-needed blessing.

Even a penny can have an impact. Your donation, no matter how small or big will further our vision of ensuring a happy and healthy life for the needy elderly in their sunset years.

Your donations will help us build the foundation of an institution that will “light up a neglected corner”.

Your donations will get the benefit of 80G exemption of income tax.

Thank You and God Bless You.

Fr. Valmiki G. Dias