Daddy’s Home Special School


In a world where youth is celebrated and yearned for, the needs of the aging are often ignored and overlooked. Left alone for the major part of the day as the younger generation works longer hours, the elderly seem to find themselves more alone in the midst of the hassled, crowded cities. With migration and nuclear families becoming the norm, most of the aged generation are left to fend for themselves.

‘Old-age homes’ come with a stigma attached to them, and the typical “what will people think” query stops many from their desire to live independent, complete, whole, and rewarding lives at these centres. Daddy’s Home of Joy strives to live up to its name: IT IS YOUR HOME.

Our Aim

To make elderly people feel wanted and cared for, even at the sunset of their lives. To provide them with a home away from home. Daddy’s Home of Joy aims to provide health-care facilities, food and shelter and generational training to the older generation, and give them a sense of community and belonging.

Daddy’s Home of Joy works towards improving their quality of life. We provide them with a home where they may lead an active, healthy and dignified life.